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USC Club Softball

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USC Club Softball

Hi everyone!

We're a fast-pitch women's softball team that consists of a competitive and great group of women dedicated to dominating our upcoming season. More than that, we love giving back to our community. We've volunteered at events like Meals 4 Refugees and Spirits at Troy, a Halloween carnival that allowed children in the LA area to have a safe Halloween experience on USC's campus. After playing our rivals UCLA in a scrimmage a few weeks ago (where we beat them 11-2 and 14-3) we are more than ready to kick off our upcoming season! We would love your help to continue the momentum and help us with resources that could propel us into a great season.


This year, our expenses happen to be greater than usual. We are under new leadership and are trying to improve the team by giving them more resources in order to be better equipped on the field. For the past few years, we have practiced at night on a turf field. Although this is great for getting in some practice in the fall, it's not ideal for the Spring semester, when we will be competing on actual softball fields. The balls don't bounce the same way on the turf as they would on dirt and the poor lighting from the field makes it a lot harder to catch and throw balls accurately. We would like to start getting some practice time in on dirt fields (even if it is just once or twice a month) and at the batting cages. This requires transportation fees and the cost of reserving the fields and batting cages. We swept UCLA with these conditions, imagine how we could play the rest of the season with better accommodations! 


This also happens to be a year in which we are in need of new jerseys, helmets, and other equipment. Every year, we travel to Arizona once to play either NAU or GCU. Our upcoming season, however also includes a trip to San Diego to play SDSU. This means that we need to pay double the hotel, gas, and car rental fees. 

We're asking for your help to help us raise money to pay for these expenses. Here is what your donations would go toward:

  • A $20 donation could buy us a tank of gas to get to our games. 
  • A $30 donation could buy one helmet.
  • A $50 donation could buy a jersey for one girl.
  • A $100 donation could pay for a field for one game.
  • A $300 donation could pay for umpires for an entire series. 
  • A $500 donation could pay for our hotel for one of our away games.

We understand that not everyone has the means to donate a lot, but even a little bit goes a long way. Just a $5 donation, for example, could buy us a pair of socks to complete our uniforms. We understand that not every player can pay for expensive dues, so we do our best to make it so players don't have to worry as much about expenses as other club teams. Some club teams charge their players thousands of dollars to play, whereas we only charge $140 per player for dues. We want everyone to be able to play the sport they love. We would really appreciate your help in allowing us to keep our costs to our players low.

If you want to follow our season with us, we'll be posting updates to our Facebook and Instagram accounts!

We want to sincerely thank you for your help. Fight On!


The USC Club Softball Team ❤️


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Your contribution could pay for a pair of socks for one of our players.



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Your contribution could pay for a tank of gas to get to games!



Your contribution could pay for a team helmet!



Your contribution could help pay for an umpire for one of our games!



Your contribution could help us pay for a field for a game!


250 or Larger Donation

This donation could help us pay for fields, umpires, and transportation expenses.