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The New Movement

USC Kaufman

The New Movement

Founded in 2012 by a transformational gift from visionary philanthropist Glorya Kaufman, the USC Kaufman School of Dance is the first new school at USC in close to 40 years. In four short years, USC Kaufman has quickly emerged as an epicenter of excellence in the interdisciplinary study of dance creation and dance performance.  Featuring a rigorous curriculum within a conservatory style environment, USC Kaufman is housed in the 54,000-square-foot Glorya Kaufman International Dance Center, where students work and collaborate with world-renowned artists and study in a range of dance styles.

The hallmark of USC Kaufman – as expressed in its motto “The New Movement” — is the development of new movement models for dance, where intersecting dance techniques create hybrid forms to be expressed in new media, scholarship, studio practice, and choreography. With opportunities for interdisciplinary study interwoven into the curriculum, students are able to explore collaborations and innovations with established partners, including Glorya Kaufman Presents Dance at the Music Center, the USC Thornton School of Music, and the USC School of Cinematic Arts.

Taking the Leap

With only two years under our belt, the reputation of the USC Kaufman is soaring as high as the architecture of our gleaming new state-of-the art building, which opened its doors this past October.  Now, with the spectacular USC Village mere footsteps from those same doors, we stand at the nexus of university life here on campus as a beacon of growth and artistic innovation.

It’s hard to believe that our inaugural class of BFA students is entering its junior year.  For them, this year will be markedly different as they focus their studies on one of four areas of concentration including dance performance, choreography for stage & cinematic arts, and a combination of dance and music studies or another discipline of their choosing.  This is an exciting time for them and the decisions they make will guide their progress towards graduation in 2019 and career paths afterwards.

But even more exciting is that with each new year we continue to grow. This year we welcome our third incoming class of new students: 24 young men and women of exceptional talent and diverse backgrounds coming to us from as far away as Mumbai, India and representing 11 states, who in many cases selected USC over some of the best dance schools in the country.  This fact alone should make us all very proud.

Our Mission: Transform the Landscape of Dance

Situated in Los Angeles, one of the world’s creative capitals, USC Kaufman promises to transform the landscape of dance, making an impact on a national scale through its development of a New Movement model and its collaboration with leading artists from Los Angeles and around the globe. So whether you are one of our elite core of dance majors, among our fast-growing number of dance minors, or a member of one of USC’s more than 30 dance-focused student organizations, here at USC Kaufman we are cultivating the next great class of dancers, choreographers and dance leaders, and creating what dance as an art form looks like in the 21st century and beyond.

So help create the dance leaders of tomorrow with a gift to USC Kaufman today.

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Dance On!