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Scholarship of Consequence for the 21st Century

USC Dornsife

Scholarship of Consequence for the 21st Century

Every year, the generosity of alumni, parents and friends fuels new pathways of discovery that inspire passion and incite curiosity. Your support ensures an unparalleled environment for exploration and discovery to create scholarship and develop new knowledge in service of the global public good.

At the core of the university mission is the development and enrichment of human beings and society as a whole. USC Dornsife is at the heart of this mission. Ours is a training ground for critical, analytical and relational thinking. We provide a rich breadth of offerings that encompass the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences which are harnessed and paired with interdisciplinary scholarship, experiential learning and immersive study. We provide opportunities for innovation and creative freedom, foster imagination and discovery, and promote civic engagement and responsibility.

We invite you to join USC Dornsife on the frontlines as we define scholarship of consequence for the 21st century.

Frontline Scholar Austin Reagan, explores solutions to changing environmental policy both on campus and around the world.

The collective power of USC Dornsife’s faculty and students across a spectrum of disciplines uniquely positions us to offer intellectual leadership and scientific innovation. We are focused on building direct connections with the public in order to maximize our impact through breakthroughs that are not only relevant, but that will provide comprehensive solutions to our global society’s toughest challenges.

We will advance human health by creating models to explore new treatments and cures. We will preserve our environment by leveraging urban coastal Los Angeles to develop sustainable practices. We will improve our communities by studying the past’s relevance for the future and by understanding the social and economic impacts of behaviors.

Learn how we are fulfilling this mission from the frontline scholars below, who are paving the path to progress and transforming the world around us and how we live in it.

Technology developed at USC's Translational Imaging Center improves complex image analysis of biomolecules

Researchers use fluorescent imaging to locate proteins and other molecules in cells and tissues. Fluorescent imaging can help scientists understand which molecules are produced in large amounts in cancer or other diseases, information that may be useful in diagnosis or in identifying possible targets for therapeutic drugs.

Professor Moh El-Naggar has increased our understanding of electron transfer focusing on bacterial nanowires, and is working to develop new nanomaterials and tools for energy conversion.

Considered a pioneer in studies of biological electron transfer and energy conversion, Professor Moh El-Naggar uses environmental microbes as a model system—work that has potential applications for renewable energy and environmental cleanup.

USC Spatial Sciences Students Analyze Crime Patterns in L.A.

USC student researchers used open data from the Los Angeles GeoHub to build a mapping application that brought together data about crime occurrences with social and built-in environment characteristics—incorporating variables like unemployment rates, the presence or absence of street lights and proximity to metro rail and bus stops. The team’s analysis and examination of this data as it applies to specific street segments, better explains crime in the city over the past 10 years.

Each year, it is the collective support of thousands of alumni, families and friends that ensure resources that foster and enhance our acceleration of Frontline Scholarship—a powerful force for transformation in addressing global challenges, connecting people and improving the quality of life for all!


USC Dornsife is counting on your partnership to continue to train, prepare and propel the trailblazers that will lead us into a better future for all. 

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