USC Physical Therapy Fit Families

Founded in 2005 by USC Physical Therapy students, USC Fit Families continues to provide culturally relevant, free wellness services to families in the Los Angeles area and beyond through a weekly fitness program in which Doctor of Physical Therapy students guide children and their families through workout routines and nutrition education. Started as a service for the community just east of USC’s Health Sciences Campus, in one of Los Angeles’ many food deserts—low-income areas where affordable, nutritious food can be hard to find—the program now thrives in a new online format. 

Your support for the USC PT Fit Families Fund today helps our PT students and faculty continue to provide free services that promote health and wellness for individuals at risk for diabetes and other chronic conditions linked to physical inactivity. Virtual interaction has allowed us to reach new participants around Southern California, and Fit Families remains focused on helping underserved children and their families to develop healthy eating and exercise habits. USC PT students teach program participants how to build a healthier diet, how to read food labels and how to safely stretch and work out at home to achieve lasting lifestyle change. 

If you are interested in participating in the program, join PT Fit Families’ Facebook group (USC Fit Families Online Program), email us at or visit our webpage to check out the topics for each Saturday class.

Thank you in advance for your support! For more information about giving, please contact the Office of External Relations at