Keck Medicine Matching Gift Challenge

Keck Medicine Matching Gift Challenge

Keck Medicine strives to transform the practice of medicine and improve the lives of those living in Southern California and around the world.

This is the perfect time to make a gift to Keck Medicine of USC. Thanks to the generous support of alumna, Dr. Betty Schreiner, and grateful patients, George and Meryl Young, your gift to any area of the Keck enterprise will be matched dollar-for-dollar.

If Keck Medicine’s patients, alumni, parents, and friends contribute $250,000 or more, Dr. Schreiner will match that generosity with a $50,000 gift to the USC Joseph and Marietta Schreiner Scholarship Fund and the Youngs will be honored to make $200,000 gift to the USC Fleischman and Han Lifesaving Innovation Fund, for a total impact of $500,000 for Keck Medicine of USC this giving season.

With your help, we will raise half a million dollars to fuel our academic mission, propel groundbreaking research, and support compassionate clinical care for all.


As physicians and leaders committed to healing, prolonging life, and promoting wellbeing, our care teams push themselves every day to enhance patient experiences and outcomes. Your gift to Keck Medicine of USC Greatest Needs Fund, USC Norris Greatest Needs Fund, or USC Verdugo Hills Hospital Greatest Needs Fund supports our mission of providing world-class health care to our patients.


When you pair compassionate care with innovation and scientific discovery, you have an incredible opportunity to nurture the next generation of health care and public health heroes. Your gift to the Keck Medicine of USC Dean’s Medical Scholarship enables us to offer scholarships to exceptional students who might not otherwise have an opportunity to study at USC and learn from our doctors, researchers, and care teams.


USC is committed to bridging the access-to-care gap and empowering community members with accurate and reliable information, supportive resources, and the finest care. Your gift to Keck Medicine of USC Care for the Community Fundshows your solidarity in offering world-class care to all patients and populations, regardless of income or other barriers to exceptional care.


Not only do our doctors provide personalized and compassionate care, they are renowned leaders in research, driving revolutionary discoveries. Your gift to USC Advancing Research at Keck Medicine Fund fuels and accelerates out ability to develop new treatments, sponsor clinical trials, and combat chronic conditions that impact almost every family. Click here if you want to support a specific department or center.