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USC Dornsife is providing the first new model for a leading research university in more than 50 years by bringing expertise into the public square in ways never imagined. The Academy in the Public Square initiative encourages collaboration between our world-leading scholars and public and private sector leaders to demonstrate the countless ways that university research improves lives and society.  

The centerpiece of this initiative is USC Dornsife Public Exchange™. This first-of-its-kind office provides streamlined access to academic researchers and A to Z project management that enables partners beyond the university to break through problems that require expertise.  Working together, Public Exchange™ accelerates solutions in a way that is straightforward, accessible, and affordable.

The challenges that we as a society demand a stronger bond between academic researchers and the public. We invite you, our supporters, to help us solidify it.


With a reinvigorated commitment to tackling sustainability and environmental challenges, USC Dornsife is looking beyond technological innovation to the systems, policies, and mindsets that must drive societal transformation. At the USC Wrigley Institute, our natural scientists develop new sources of energy and expand knowledge of our ecosystems. Our social scientists provide insights to help overcome political, economic, and behavioral barriers that prevent more rapid adoption of sustainable technology and processes. Working together, USC Dornsife is creating a more comprehensive understanding of the steps we can take to move the needle on sustainability.


The Center for the Political Future brings together USC Dornsife faculty experts with journalists, politicians, and community leaders to seek bipartisan solutions to pressing societal challenges.  By modeling civil discourse and fact-based debate, a new generation of leaders is learning to approach complex political issues from a wide range of perspectives. Additionally, the Jesse Unruh Institute, which resides within the Center for the Political Future, is an important program that provides leadership and internship opportunities for USC Dornsife students.


This new initiative brings together USC Dornsife Student Advising, the Office of Experiential and Applied Learning, and Dornsife Career Pathways. The combined office gives students—the guidance they need to pursue the course of study that excites them the most, one-stop access to transformative experiences beyond the classroom, and helps them navigate our countless internship and professional development opportunities. The Center also oversees the new USC Dornsife Toolkit, a signature collection of two-credit courses that develop a variety of practical skills such as communication, personal finance management, and taking an entrepreneurial leap — skills that are typically acquired only through work and life experience. 


The USC Dornsife Equity Research Institute (ERI) seeks to use data and analysis to contribute to a more powerful, well-resourced, intersectional, and intersectoral movement for equity.  Their research proves the need for environmental, economic and social equity for all and argues that the lack of equity has profound impacts on our economy and culture.



Dr. Peter Kuhn leads the Convergent Science Initiative in Cancer, a lab that is focused on groundbreaking research to understand the physical and biological nature of cancer cells. For example, by studying cancer progression in many patients over a long period of time, CSI-Cancer researchers have developed a mathematical model to forecast cancer survival rates. Thanks to advances like this, CSI-Cancer doctors and scientists will continue to find novel ways to combat this dreaded disease. Dr. Kuhn’s lab provides opportunities for undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral students to learn from and contribute to this critical research.

We are a community of alumni, parents, friends, faculty, and students who are partners in a shared mission to improve lives and society. Every contribution to USC Dornsife counts towards our ability to enhance the training of the next generation of leaders, provide opportunities for innovation and creative freedom, and support the research and recruitment of esteemed faculty.