USC Gould - Stronger Together

USC Gould is delighted to be back on campus with a return to in-person instruction after so many months apart. The care and generosity shown by members of our community toward one another sustained us during the pandemic, and we are emerging stronger than ever and eager to tackle the 2021-2022 academic year.

This fall, we welcomed a phenomenal class of 1L students, a class which boasts the highest combined median GPA and LSAT score in Gould’s history and includes Fulbright scholars, Peace Corps volunteers, and military veterans. We also welcomed in person for the first time our 2L class, an outstanding group of students who have already distinguished themselves during a remote 1L year.

As we embark on the new academic year, a critical focus for the law school will be access and scholarship support. USC Gould has long committed itself to ensuring the best and brightest law students are able to attend, but there is even more we can do to make the dream of a USC education possible for these students. It is our responsibility to the legal profession to ensure that the most talented and driven students have the opportunity to succeed. 

Many of our alumni and friends already support our scholarship programs, and for that we are tremendously grateful. It is our hope that more in our community will join this effort. You can visit USC Gould’s Scholarship page to learn more about the scholarship programs available to our students.

USC Gould Preview 2021

Our students chose USC Gould for many reasons, not least of which is the renowned Trojan Family network. This network is growing even stronger as we add an additional avenue for Gould alumni and friends to connect with one another. The Gould Gateway is an online platform created to bring our community together, and we encourage all of our alumni to join. Whether it’s mentoring a student, connecting with others in your region or practice area, or investing your skills and expertise in the law school, USC Gould thrives when we come together.

USC Gould’s legacy of thought leadership, innovative scholarship, and public service is without question. But equally important is the unwavering dedication of our community to the law school’s continued success and to one another. Thank you to all who offered their time, guidance, and financial support during the challenges of the last year. We are truly grateful, and we look forward to you being part of USC Gould’s next exciting chapter. We are one Gould Trojan Family, and we are strongest together.