Keck Medicine of USC

Committed to compassionate, innovative, quality health care

Keck Medicine of USC provides innovative care for complex medical issues. Highly trained specialists in each area provide every patient with an individualized, yet extensive, care plan.  We treat the most acutely ill patients with some of the most innovative techniques in the world. Hundreds of clinical trials are currently taking place at Keck Medicine of USC, giving our patients access to novel and promising therapies that generally are not available elsewhere.

Combining exceptional scientific research with compassionate, patient-centered care, Keck Medicine of USC goes beyond exceptional medicine to deliver customized, personalized care—the right therapy at the right time to meet each patient’s specific needs.

We are also working to ensure that we take care of the front line care providers who make Keck Medicine so exceptional. Keck Medicine launched the Care for the Caregiver program, offering groceries, toiletries, hotel stays, mental health support, and more to front line workers. 

Join us in supporting our patients, doctors, nurses, care teams, and everyone on the front line by making a gift.