USC Leventhal School of Accounting

USC Leventhal School of Accounting

As business continues to evolve due to a rapidly changing world, so does the breadth and scope of the accounting instruction offered at the USC Leventhal School of Accounting. However, our mission remains the same - to prepare students for the ethical, societal, business, and professional demands of today and tomorrow. 

We can provide this level of education and professional preparation because of the generous and ongoing support of alumni. Any gift, no matter the size, directly benefits the accounting education we can provide our students. Every gift is deeply appreciated regardless of what area you choose to support. 

Donations to The Leventhal Fund – the Dean’s unrestricted funding source – provide the most immediate impact because every dollar given is used to sustain our core operations and respond swiftly to emerging opportunities. In addition to providing ongoing financial stability, philanthropic investments to The Leventhal Fund can be used across our school – for emergency student aid, research, classroom technology, building upgrades, and so much more.

With your contribution to scholarships or Leventhal’s growing efforts in diversity, equity, and inclusion, you are providing direct resources to attract the best and brightest minds to USC. Gifts made to scholarships not only demonstrate your optimism in our students, but also increase the value of your own degree. 

Leventhal’s outstanding faculty ensure our students are prepared for the professional world they will enter after graduation. Through face-to-face interactions with world-class practitioners and scholars as well as experiential learning experiences, students learn how to develop interpersonal relationships based on trust and a mutual understanding of cultural and societal differences. In supporting faculty research, you’re both enhancing the quality of the education offered in addition to the industry as a whole. 

Your gift to Leventhal, no matter the amount, will help propel our efforts to ensure an excellent educational experience this year and create an accounting school uniquely suited to the times. Achieving our goals requires broad and deep leadership and commitment throughout the school and our community, and we are grateful to have you as our partner. 

Thank you in advance for your support. Fight On!

If you’d like more information on donating to these or any fund at the USC Marshall School of Business, please contact the Director of Annual Giving at