True Excellence is Only Possible with Diversity

True Excellence is Only Possible with Diversity, We Are Stronger Together

USC Marshall School of Business, including USC Leventhal School of Accounting, aims to cultivate a welcoming, engaging and equitable learning environment for our diverse community of students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends. Many of these efforts are led by the vision of the school’s leadership team and the USC Marshall Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), and supported by collective gifts to the USC Marshall Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Fund.


Building on a solid foundation across the school and a tradition of diversity in academic programs, USC Marshall continues to strengthen its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion across several areas. USC Marshall partners with outstanding statewide and national organizations and programs like the Ph.D. Project to continue increasing the number of African-American/Black, Latinx and Native American business school professors. USC Marshall was the first west coast school to join The Consortium in 1968, two years after it was established to help level the playing field and increase diversity in business leadership. USC Marshall has also taken important steps toward supporting and advancing women's achievement. USC Marshall made headlines becoming the first school to achieve and exceed gender parity in the full-time MBA program for the Class of 2020. The USC Marshall Graduate Women in Business (GWiB) recently presented the MBA Everyone's Business Global Case Competition and still works with similar groups across the nation to reach gender parity and equity in business schools today and boardrooms tomorrow. USC Marshall’s Student Travel and Professional Development Fellowships have led to measurable increases in the attendance and professional engagement of Black, Latinx, Indigenous, LGBTQIA, and other historically underserved students at national professional conferences. Through innovative programs such as the Marshall Pathways Program, high-achieving students from local neighborhoods and historically underrepresented groups have had increased exposure to business and accounting, leading to more opportunities with higher education, undergraduate schools and practitioners in the field, as well as increased student outreach and retention.


Complementary efforts of Marshall’s Office of DEI span myriad activities, such as student engagement and leadership workshops, community discussions, speaker series, and trainings designed to create an authentic sense of belonging, engagement, collaboration, and community, as well as fostering a culture of inclusion paramount to the success of all at USC Marshall. In addition to MBA Diversity Fellows, Marshall launched a DEI Faculty and Staff Fellows program to build organizational knowledge and capacity, promote mentorship, and increase all-school leadership and engagement to implement and sustain these collective efforts.


Other highlights from this year have included the Office of DEI and Marshall community’s hosting a health and wellness series, Community Conversations, and biweekly Community Connections with industry leaders and community members to engage in discussions and gain knowledge and tools to navigate the complexities of diversity in one’s workplace and within the global economy. Marshall offered an array of diverse programming and had a strong showing in USC’s fifth annual DEI Week. Hosted by Marshall faculty, administrators and student leaders from Marshall’s GWiB student organization, the fifth annual USC Marshall International Women’s Day Celebration event featured alumni leaders, including USC Trustee Carmen Nava ’84. Other recent activities have included raising awareness about significant actions, allies and advocates representing diverse identities in honor of Women’s History Month and Black History Month. Marshall students have participated in a variety of case competitions. One of which was this year’s team of MBA students who won the Grand Prize in the John R. Lewis Racial Justice Case Competition. Outstanding students, including women and students from underrepresented minority groups, have been recognized with well-earned scholarship support. The Marshall Office of DEI team’s efforts have also included support for the FORWARD Summit, an annual event led by Marshall graduate students that highlights Black and Latinx business leaders and aims to connect, inspire and elevate a new generation to chart paths and break barriers through exposure, empowerment, and opportunity.

Thanks to the collective efforts of the Marshall and Leventhal community, proactive steps have been taken to develop and enrich an inclusive environment at USC. Many more actions will be taken to amplify the diverse faces and voices that will continue to be seen and heard. Learn more about Marshall’s Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Under Dean Geoffrey Garrett, Marshall’s goal is for all Marshall and Leventhal students to graduate as leaders who are well prepared to be able to lead ethically, authentically and inclusively. Every gift to Marshall’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Fund today will help further diversity, equity and inclusion efforts and strengthen our community for generations to come. Thank you for your support.