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USC KSOM: Department of Preventive Medicine

Keck School of Medicine

Support Vital Population and Public Health Education and Research

Advancing Research: Local and Global Impact

As the world faces new global pandemics and society strives to provide equitable access to quality healthcare, our research has never been more pressing. Our faculty are recognized as leaders in interdisciplinary research and training in epidemiology, biostatistics and prevention science; for more than 40 years, they have developed research and educational programs that address the complex public health needs in local, national and international settings. Your support makes carrying out this work possible. Your gift enables the faculty and research teams to: 

  • Develop new methods to better understand disease causes, treatments, and prevention strategies

  • Develop and test effective community-based programs to promote the public health of the diverse populations of California and the Pacific Rim

  • Promote effective dissemination of state-of-the-science programs in prevention to serve populations in need, and countries throughout the world

Guided by chair, Dr. Howard Hu, the department’s strategic research initiatives include pandemic preparedness, health disparities; air and environmental pollutants; risk behaviors; genetics and genomics; tobacco control; health and human rights; reproductive health; and policy innovations.


Preparing Future Leaders

Increasing scholarship support for our students is one of the Department of Preventive Medicine’s top priorities. Scholarships help to close financial gaps and reward students’ efforts to achieve academic excellence. With scholarship support, exceptional students are able to choose USC over other institutions to begin or continue their studies. Additionally, scholarship support lowers student’s financial burden allowing them to choose career paths that address critical health issues and disparities without the foremost consideration of compensation.


You Can Make an Impact

The Department of Preventive Medicine aims for nothing short of revolutionizing human health. However, it is only through the support and commitment of our philanthropic partners that we will succeed in our mission. Your support will provide vital funding to ensure that we can continue to conduct lifesaving research while preparing students and trainees to lead the field. If you can do so, we invite you to make a gift to the Department of Preventive Medicine by supporting our students through the Preventive Medicine Scholarship Fund or the Preventive Medicine Chair’s Strategic Initiatives Fund.


Your gift will help the next generation of public health leaders and provide vital funding for lifesaving research.


“The Department of Preventive Medicine aims to improve population and public health, locally and globally, through its pursuit of high-impact, inter-disciplinary research and the training of outstanding undergraduate and graduate students, professionals and future leaders, based from its position within the Keck School of Medicine of USC and in collaboration with partners around the world.”

Howard Hu, MD, MPH, ScD