USC Center For Black Cultural And Student Affairs (CBCSA)

USC Center For Black Cultural And Student Affairs

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Established in 1977, the CBCSA’s mission is to provide an Afrocentric environment that focuses on holistic learning and development for all Black-identified students across the diaspora at USC.

The CBCSA strives to create a community that focuses on Black Excellence through the following six focus areas: (1) cultural investment, (2) community building and engagement, (3) collaborative partnerships, (4) social and professional development, (5) student empowerment and (6) student wellness.

What important impact does the center have on diversity and inclusion?

The CBCSA serves as a hub for the Black community at USC. Our goal is to connect Black students to campus, community and alumni resources to assist in their personal and professional development, inclusive of our notable Black faculty, staff and alumni. We provide a variety of workshops, programming and events that explore topics of social justice, equity, inclusion, intersectionality, identity, Black history and professional development.

How does private support aid the program?

There are more than 2,600 Black students at USC. Your support will allow us to provide more resources and opportunities for these students, including:

  • Expansion of our African American Culture Celebration (Black Graduation);
  • Hiring of additional professional staff members, to expand our reach and provide additional critical resources to students;
  • Creation of a robust student mentorship program, including events, training, workshops, conferences and cultural travel;
  • Expansion of our first-year living and learning community for Black students, called Somerville Place, to include Black sophomores and transfer students;
  • Expansion of student professional development opportunities and travel funding; and
  • Establishment of a Black Student Leadership Summit to help develop our Black student leaders through workshops, trainings and more.