KXSC Spring Fundraiser 2020

As the semester comes to an end and we reflect on all we've accomplished in these past few weeks, it is time once again to announce our annual Spring Fundraiser! Those of us graduating must now pass the torch onto the next generation of KXSC, while others will be returning dead-set on expanding our horizons and boldly conquering whatever challenges might come our way. KXSC only organizes one fundraiser per semester and this is our primary source of funding for the year. We are managed entirely by student volunteers and our continued existence is entirely reliant on donations from supporters like you. Anything and everything helps to keep KXSC Radio up and running, and we are extremely grateful for your support of college radio!

Who are we?

KXSC Radio is USC's independent, student-run radio station. KXSC is an integral part of USC's campus community. Our 120 DJs provide original live programming nearly 24/7. Our 28 person staff works tirelessly to provide students with hands-on broadcast experience, support emerging artists, promote Los Angeles culture, and document USC events. KXSC Radio is composed of a driven group of students who are dedicated to providing a cultural service to the community. However, we do not receive an operational budget from USC. 

What have we been up to?

In addition to our regular programming this past semester, KXSC has really focused on strengthening our community and building solidarity in light of the current state of the world. Our Music Department exposes USC students to a wide variety of music via our social media outlets, and they continue to distribute a weekly newsletter containing the most exciting new music and opportunities. Furthermore, we also provide USC students with the opportunity to win tickets to live shows and attend music festivals to further promote the LA music scene. This year, we are even working on developing an app, so USC students can easily tune into their favorite shows on their phones.

Looking to the Future!

Everybody involved in KXSC is passionate about college radio, and KXSC offers an incomparable outlet for creativity, discourse, and skill-building. We firmly believe in the longevity of college radio, and are constantly fighting for the preservation of this unique medium. However, broadcast media is evolving at an incredibly rapid pace. KXSC is always looking for new avenues to magnify the reach of student voices, and supporting college radio is a great way for you to help us experiment with different forms of outreach – be it our open-forum blog, our numerous events throughout the year, or collaborating with educators, professionals, and organizations from a diversity of fields.

Thank You for Donating!

Anything is appreciated, and by donating to KXSC, you can sleep easy knowing that our humble student radio station can continue doing ambitious things!

The University’s COVID-19 Response

USC has established four funds in response to the COVID-19 crisis to help support all areas of the Trojan community. These funds include the USC Student Basic Needs FundKeck Medicine of USC COVID-19 Emergency Response FundUSC Community Outreach Fund, and USC Employee Support Fund.