USC Verdugo Hills Hospital - Here for Our Community

USC Verdugo Hills Hospital - Here for Our Community

Our Greatest Needs Fund typically supports the hospital’s highest priorities including clinician training, surgical and diagnostic equipment, modernized facilities, projects that increase patient and family comfort and support, and a wide variety of community health education initiatives. In recent weeks however, as a community hospital responding to the urgent healthcare needs associated with COVID-19 of residents in our Foothill communities, our greatest needs have shifted dramatically and urgently.

To respond to the highly contagious nature of COVID-19 as well as the need for sufficient inventory of critical care beds for the most severely affected, USC Verdugo Hills Hospital quickly and effectively put in place protocols and procedures that have ensured our ability to care for our community members who might be affected by COVID-19. These measures include:

  • The re-configuration and expansion of our Emergency Department to create isolated triage bays as well as the establishment of waiting and treatment areas for patients with non-COVID related symptoms.


  • The re-purposing and retrofitting of in-patient rooms as well as the acquisition of more ventilators in order to effectively double our Intensive Care capacity.
  • Critical Care physicians in-house 24-hours a day.

  • The acquisition of adequate inventory of FDA-approved personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks, gloves, gowns, goggles and face shields for our medical personnel.

  • The implementation of telemedicine using iPads for purposes of both triage and diagnosis in our Emergency Department as well as communication with COVID positive in-patients. This has allowed our medical staff to reduce their own exposure as well as help conserve PPE.

  • The acquisition of an additional disinfection robot that uses ultra-violet C light to clean patient rooms and waiting areas as well as large quantities of traditional/manual cleaning products.

Donations to our Greatest Needs Fund will be used in the coming weeks and months to meet the costs of these urgent needs.

As part of the Keck Medicine of USC health system and the University of Southern California, we’d also like to share some information on the University’s overarching response to COVID-19.

The University's COVID-19 Response

USC has established four funds in response to the COVID-19 crisis to help support all areas of the Trojan community. These funds include the USC Student Basic Needs Fund, Keck Medicine of USC COVID-19 Emergency Response FundUSC Community Outreach Fund, and USC Employee Support Fund.