USC Community Outreach Fund

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

USC is extremely fortunate to be part of such a rich and vibrant community. In this current crisis, USC’s connection with our neighbors—especially those in the neighborhoods surrounding our University Park and Health Sciences campuses—is stronger and more important than ever. However, we face new challenges in delivering critical services.

Your support can make all the difference as we partner with community-based organizations and our fellow civic institutions to support our neighbors in need.  Your financial contribution will make a difference by:

  • Providing meals to keep families and children from going hungry
  • Making wellness calls and supportive outreach to seniors and the disabled
  • Connecting unemployed workers with job opportunities and financial resources
  • Helping small businesses and nonprofits recover faster
  • Ensuring our neighbors have access to mental health and housing services

Give today. Your gift to the USC Community Outreach Fund will provide immediate relief, hope, and a brighter future to our local community and to people all across Southern California.