Own Tomorrow with USC Dornsife

USC Dornsife is creating the first new model for an elite research university in more than 50 years by bringing the university into the public square in ways never imagined. This new initiative, the Academy in the Public Square, connects our world-leading scholars with public and private sector leaders to work hand in hand — bringing a new way of thinking to complex issues.

As a college of letters, arts and sciences, we are home to scholars with deep expertise across a wide range of disciplines who can assemble into nimble teams to address almost any problem imaginable. Beyond the laboratories, research centers and classrooms, USC Dornsife serves as a dynamic intellectual resource that is woven into the fabric of our communities here in Los Angeles. This initiative expands connections between our university scholars and civic, business, and nonprofit leaders who are addressing local, national, and global issues.

The challenges we face together demand a stronger bond between academic experts and the public. We invite you, our supporters, to help us build it.

Center for the Political Future

The Center for the Political Future combines rigorous intellectual inquiry, teaching and practical politics to rebuild civility and bipartisanship in government. The Jesse Unruh Institute which resides within the Center for the Political Future, is a critically important program that provides leadership and internship opportunities for Dornsife students. The Center for the Political Future aims to build the next generation of leaders by inspiring constructive dialogue to find solutions to our city’s, state’s, and nation’s greatest problems.

USC Wrigley Institute

The USC Wrigley Institute is tasked with an audacious goal. It aims to pave the way to innovations that can be adopted across the globe to address some of our greatest challenges, from climate change and waste treatment to water and food security. The Wrigley Institute is tackling these issues by exploring different sustainable solutions at its Wrigley Marine Science Center on Catalina Island, including implementing novel sustainable energy production and innovative ways to process waste. It is striving to be 100 percent sustainable and serves as a model for environmental institutes around the globe.

Joint Educational Project (JEP)

The Joint Educational Project (JEP) is one of the oldest and largest service-learning programs in the country, offering USC students the unique opportunity to study the relationship between theory and practice in one of the most diverse and cosmopolitan cities in the world. JEP offers a wide range of service and service-learning opportunities in nearby schools, community-based organizations, health-care facilities and legal clinics. Thanks to JEP, USC is able to contribute to the wellbeing of its community while educating students on issues such as poverty, immigration, education and inequality.

Today, we invite you to join this community by making a donation to USC Dornsife and, in doing so, helping us seize this critical moment. Through your support, we will continue to prepare our students to become tomorrow’s most innovative leaders and our scholars to develop new ideas that change the course of history. Together, we will bring solutions to society’s greatest challenges and create a more vibrant future.

Convergent Science Initiative in Cancer (CSI-Cancer)

Dr. Peter Kuhn leads the Convergent Science Initiative in Cancer, a lab that is focused on groundbreaking research to understand the physical and biological nature of cancer cells. For example, by studying cancer progression in many patients over a long period of time, CSI-Cancer researchers have developed a mathematical model to forecast cancer survival rates. Thanks to advances like this, CSI-Cancer doctors and scientists will continue to find novel ways to combat this dreaded disease. Dr. Kuhn’s lab provides opportunities for undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral students to learn from and contribute to this critical research.

We are a community of alumni, parents, friends, faculty, and students who are partners of a shared journey to change our world for the better. Every contribution to USC Dornsife counts towards our ability to enhance the training of the next generation of leaders, providing opportunities for innovation and creative freedom through research and expert faculty recruitment.

Let’s Own Tomorrow.