Design Excellence

The USC School of Architecture is emerging in its 100th year anniversary as both a prism honoring a long legacy of innovation, and as a dynamic future-forward platform for educating and inspiring citizen architects — architects and design leaders making contributions to the improvement of their communities. 

With 760 students and 120 faculty members, USC Architecture surpasses the reach and scale of most other programs nationwide. We analyze problems and create design solutions that both respond to the challenges of our time and embrace the promise of a better built environment.

USC Architecture offers programs that contribute to the full arc of student development. From high school – through our Exploration of Architecture summer program – to post-graduate, the School is committed to providing students with an exceptional range of educational experiences. Increased financial support will help expand upon the extraordinary programs already in place and provide support for student scholars.

Junjie Yvonne Fu, ‘22

Transforming the Student Experience

Fundamental to the success of the School is our ability to recruit the very best students, regardless of their financial circumstances. Need-based and merit-aid scholarships, recognizing the hard work that results in academic achievement, are key to our success in welcoming these bright and energetic students into our academic community. USC, along with the world’s top research universities, engage in fierce competition to attract students with the strongest academic and leadership records. Students often are accepted by multiple institutions and scholarship support is a key factor in their choice of school.

USC Architecture seeks students with the potential to inspire, innovate, lead, and transform. Support for student scholars is among USC Architecture’s top priorities. Scholarship resources have not kept pace with the extraordinary increase in the number of talented students from across the nation whose passion is far greater than their financial resources. 

Our undergraduate program has become more selective, and has been attracting top-notch candidates with an admittance rate of 19% in 2019 vs. 32% in 2014. The School has also made significant progress to expand access and foster inclusivity—20% of our student body are first-generation college students. However, the number of our students in need of financial assistance is growing, with nearly 60% of our students receiving some form financial aid. 

Scholarships and financial aid have always been central to USC’s long tradition of opportunity and access, but today they are absolutely crucial to enrich the USC Architecture’s student population and to assure that the School stays competitive with its peers.

Thanks to your support, these talented individuals will make lasting contributions to the field of architecture and beyond. Please make a gift of any size to USC Architecture’s Scholarship Fund today!

Class of 2019 Scholarship Recipients: Andrew Fabry, Sarah Ladhani, David Garey, Ka Ming Jessica Lai, Grace Kim, Ilayda Kal, Jessi Jacobowitz, Joselyn Fonseca Palacios, Mengyi Xu, Yidan Yu, Jasper Leong

A Message of Thanks from USC Architecture Scholars

“I have found so much value in the relationships I have built and the ideas I have learned and shared in the architecture field. My studies have inspired me to pursue a career in socially and environmentally responsible design. I feel so grateful for the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor of Architecture at USC. Thank you again for the generosity you have gifted to me.”

Jessi Jacobowitz, '19, Victor Regnier Endowed Scholarship, Clinton and Marion Ternstrom Endowment Scholar, Chase L. Leavitt Traveling Fellow

“After receiving the news (and crying with joy), I wanted to express my sincere gratitude towards your generosity. As life after graduation is just around the corner, I have decided to focus on pursuing my license while I work, continuing to absorb the practice of architecture. My larger aspiration is to return to my hometown of Fayetteville, Arkansas with a greater breadth of knowledge and experience, and give back to the community that raised me through the establishment of my own practice.”

Lyndsey Smith, '19, Anthony Marnell II/Architectural Guild Endowed Scholar

“I transferred to USC three years ago and your scholarship has given me the confidence to further pursue my degree. As a student who received this scholarship, I am not only thankful but also touched by your spirit of helping students to pursue their dreams and I sincerely wish one day I can do the same.”

Zida Liu, '19, Ted & Rosemary Tyler Endowed Scholar

“As a student studying abroad in Asia next semester, I am very grateful for this scholarship. Studying abroad can help advance my career and help me to see a variety of opportunities and cultures I would not have the chance to see otherwise. I would just like to thank you for your support in helping me achieve and pursue my goals.”

Chaila Johnson, '20, Robert A. and Helen Kennard Endowed Memorial Scholar

For more information about supporting USC Architecture, please call 213.821.5408 or email