USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism

Empowering our students and their stories

Since the founding of the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism fifty years ago, the school continues to deliver robust resources to fuel its students’ academic success and career ambitions.  

Our students have shared how student aid allowed them to thrive. They have overcome financial barriers due to unforeseen circumstances, pursued incredible opportunities to expand their networks and immersed themselves in innovative learning experiences locally and globally thanks to the generosity of our Annenberg community. This academic year alone, more than 171 students have maximized their academic and professional experiences through USC Annenberg’s merit- and need-based support.  

The USC Annenberg Student Emergency Assistance Fund serves as a lifeline for students with housing instability, food insecurity, unforeseen travel expenses, and emergency tuition. 

“Coming from a low-income and working-class background, I never thought I would get this far, so [becoming a] part of the Annenberg community is a dream come true. My passion for academia and my hunger to better myself and provide my family with a better life are the reasons I keep on pushing.”  

USC Annenberg Student Emergency Assistance Fund Recipient, 2021 

The student success fund assists students’ with participation in experiential-learning programs like Maymester, unpaid internships, travel, study abroad, and research opportunities. 

“Thank you for donating to the USC Annenberg Student Success Fund Endowment. Your thoughtful consideration has opened doors to many professional opportunities and clear career pathways.”  

Student Success Fund Recipient, 2022 

We invite you to make your gift today. Your contribution will bolster our students’ pursuits to become leading changemakers within the fields of communication, journalism, public relations and public diplomacy. Thank you for your utmost confidence in our students.  

Together, we are writing a new story of SCupport!